RUB's Exchange Programmes: New Application Phase

With the beginning of the winter semester 2018/19 the new application phase for a semester or a year abroad via RUB's exchange programmes during the academic year 2019/20 (winter semester 2019/20 and/or summer semester 2020).

RUB students who would like to stay in Europe can apply at their faculty (faculties)/departments for the ERASMUS Programme. Applications have to be submitted to the ERASMUS departmental coordinator in the respective faculty/department. The departmental coordinator will determine which documents have to be handed in by which deadlines.Usually the ERASMUS deadlines for the academic year 2019/20 (winter semester 2019/20 and/or summer semester 2020) end between November 2018 and January and February 2019.

Students interested in spending a semester or year abroad outside of Europe may apply for a place at one of RUB's partner universities at the International Office. For places at the partner universities in the USA and Australia through the MAUI/AEN Utrecht Network Exchange Program or at institutions in Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan applications have to be handed in by 5 December 2018, 4:00 pm.

RUB students of all faculties can apply for RUB's exchange programmes. Students need to have completed their first year of studies when starting their semester/year abroad.



Laura Schiffmann (für Europa, Australien und die USA)

Sina Nitzsche (für Lateinamerika)

Jonna Haensel-Neumann

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