Erasmus+ Internship: Digital Opportunity Traineeships Initiative for Students of the RUB

Until the end of 2020, students of the RUB have got the opportunity to apply for a Digital Opportunity Traineeship. The EU-initiative focusses on the extension of digital competences of its participants, such as the development of apps, software, scripts or websites, the data analysis and digital marketing.
The participating countries in the Digital Opportunity Intiative are Albania, Armena, Bosnia & Herzegowina, the Faroe Islands, Georgia, Iceand, Israel, Macedonia(EJR), Moldawia, Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Tunesia and the Ukraine.
The internships can be financially supported with 500 euros monthly within a period from 2-12 months. Internship offers´concerning the Digital Opportunity Traineeships you can find on the Websites published below and in the left margin. The application deadline is one month before the beginning of the internship.
For further information, please contact Sina Nitzsche.