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PROMOS: Thesis Abroad

Students may apply for PROMOS when conducting research in preparation of the thesis at a university, company or organisation abroad (1 to 6 months). Eligible for funding are those projects lasting one to six months. Scholarships will not be awarded to those applicants intending to attend courses at the host institution. Medical students who are writing their doctoral dissertation can be funded by PROMOS.


⯈ German citizenship or persons who are on a par with Germans according to § 8 Absatz 1 Ziffer 2 ff., Absatz 2, 2a und 3 BAföG(Further Information)
⯈ International degree-seeking students enrolled at RUB can be funded in all subprogrammes, as long as they do not intend to stay in their home country

⯈ Enrolled at Ruhr-Universität as full-time students

⯈ Good academic records

⯈ Students need to be already admitted to the final examination when applying for this subprogramme. A topic has to be already assigned to them. If it is prohibited by the examination regulations to know the topic, students need to indicate the field of research/department they wish to write the thesis in. The coordinator has to confirm this assertion in a letter that has to be attached to the application.


⯈ Travel allowance and monthly partial scholarship rate
(depending on the host country and duration of stay)

PROMOS funding rates 2020
⯈ Remark on the document “PROMOS funding rates 2020”:
The column “Aufenthaltspauschale” (one-time allowance) exclusively refers to study trips, not to studies abroad, internships or research stays for thesis writing. The column "Teilstipendium Studiengebühren (Höchstsatz)" (partial scholarship for study fees (maximum rate)) is not relevant because within the RPOMOS programme at Ruhr-Universität Bochum only stays at partner universities, which are tuition-free.

⯈ Applications of students who already receive public funding and/or a salary will be checked additionally

PROMOS Criteria for Selection

All applicants are evaluated by a RUB internal selection committee consisting of members of various faculties. Approximately four weeks after the submission deadline, candidates will be determined in a selection meeting organised and coordinated by the International Office. The selection is based on the following criteria:

⯈ Academic records (40%)
⯈ Purpose of the stay (25%)
⯈ Motivation (12%)
⯈ Language skills (10%)
⯈ Letter of recommendation (8%)
⯈ Academic progress and potential (2%)
⯈ Extracurricular activities and interests (2%)
⯈ Formal requirements on the application documents (1%)

Usually it takes about six weeks to receive a response.

Organisation of a Thesis Abroad Funded by PROMOS


⯈ Checklist


Send the following documents by e-mail to
⯈ Confirmation of Stay
⯈ PROMOS Evaluation Sheet for a Thesis Abroad
⯈ Report (“Erfahrungsbericht”)




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