Internship Offers

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Internship Offers

You can find up-to-date offers for internships here. However, please keep in mind that this service doesn’t recommend any particular offer and it is important to read each one thoroughly.

From december 2012 on, you find all placement offers on the following website:

Special offers for future teachers:



Segovia ( kB)



To give students the opportunity for a stay abroad with the Erasmus+ student mobility for placements, making access to companies in all Europe easier. On the one hand students can offer themselves as a person but also their key competences as Erasmus+ interns. On the other hand organisations and companies will be able to create an account and offer internships in their institution. Research criteria like the host country, field of study, duration of stay or required language skills are meant to make the placement of internships easier. Students and companies can get in touch right away on mutual interest.



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