Proof of finance

By applying for an entrance visa or a residence permit in Germany or by its extension you have to proof your finance.
With this, you can prove you have enough money to finance your stay in Germany - for at least one year - and do not have to make use of the German social welfare system due to financial problems.


You must prove that you have the financial means equivalent to the maximum amount of BAföG available. This amount is currently €720 per month, €8,640 per year.

You can prove that you have sufficient financial resources by:

  • paying the sum of money to a blocked account in Germany
  • recognized scholarships that are funded through German resources in particular
  • providing a deposit from someone living in Germany who guarantees the Foreigners' Office that they will finance your stay (“Verpflichtungserklärung”)
  • providing a bank guarantee from a bank institute in Germany
  • if accepted, presenting a proof of your parents' income in the home country

Please contact the relevant offices to gain information on your individual case in time:


Students from EU countries do not have to provide proof of sufficient financial resources, but have to show their finance credibly to the Citizens' Advice Bureau.

Please note: regulations for students from new EU countries may be different.


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