What former participants say

US students:

"The experience I gained through the REACH program was extremely beneficial. I was given the chance to work closely with my Bochum mentor and several PHD students on engaging material. Because of their support I gained a unique understanding of an advanced topic in my area of study that I doubt I would be able to receive elsewhere. The fact that the research I preformed was accompanied by the opportunity to live abroad in Germany and participate in an exciting new environment and culture, made the REACH program an incredibly valuable experience for me."
Peter Will, from the University of Pennsylvania , 2009

"My two month stay at Bochum was perhaps one of the best two months I have ever had in my life. Everything was great, especially the ELAN chemistry research group, Professor Wolfgang, and my two mentors- Lutz and Magda. They were unbelievably welcoming, supportive, and patient. The atmosphere was very comfortable and conducive to learning. I really felt like I was part of the research family there."
Kevin Sun,from UPenn, 2009

"I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the REACH program. It enabled me to perform research in an interesting field while simultaneously improving my laboratory and cross-cultural communication skills. Overall it was an excellent experience, and I would highly recommend it to future students."
Brittany Schoeninger, from UPenn, 2009

“(the knowledge and experience gained at RUB) should prove useful this year, as my senior thesis centres on laser design and testing. In addition, I found my coworkers in my lab research group really friendly and helpful. They helped me get up to speed on the project in no time, provided great insights that eased my burdens, and engaged me in conversation that made for great cultural learning. (…) The combined factors of great research, a great environment, and amazing trips made this into one of my most enjoyable and memorable summers.”
Kwesi Adarkwa, from Princeton, 2010

“(…) each and every member (of the lab) went out of their way to make me feel welcome. I also ended up learning how to weld in a class that was taught completely in German! The biweekly German class was a great way to learn the survival German skills needed to navigate the country. Also, since it included students from all over the world, the English class turned into a fascinating cultural exchange of its own. The lab had all kinds of outings, including a day excursion to a local historical coal mine. World Cup games were always a valid reason to leave the lab early to watch with your coworkers. Being in Europe for the World Cup is really an experience that cannot be replicated in the States (…).”
Eve Hanson, from Princeton, 2010

“Apparently the buildings at Bochum University were designed to resemble ships, because the architects wanted to create a "port of learning". Whether or not my host students were pulling my leg, I felt that the other undergraduates, researchers, and faculty I worked with this summer brought wisdom and experience from their respective corners of the ocean. (…) Besides work, there were plenty of chances to explore Germany with the other interns: backpacking, camping, day-long train rides across country, museums, performances, night festivals, and various forms of German fast food (free tip: never turn down currywurst). Living near the university meant we had plenty of interaction with English-speakers, while a twice-weekly German language course gave us a rudimentary vocabulary. Through planned activities, we met other international students, but perhaps most astonishing was the friendliness of the native Germans, who were as eager to share their home with us as we were to experience it.”
Lillian Zhou, from Princeton, 2010

Bochum students:

“The two month internship at the Princeton University was a very valuable and inspiring experience – both from a personal as well as a professional perspective. The stay has significantly broadened my scientific horizon in my field of engineering. It was also a great experience to see the academic life at one of the most recognized universities in the world. During my internship I made contact with people from all over the world and I discovered a kind of hospitality that is outstanding (…).”
Kai Oberste-Ufer, REACH at Princeton, 2010

“I had the pleasure of working with several graduate- and undergraduate students, exchanging ideas and results with different parts of this project. Also the discussions with scientists showed me how research is done at Princeton. This experience was amazing and helped me to look at the research and results of my Ph.D. project in Germany from another angle. Also, the contact with students on other summer programs such as REU at Princeton was a great way to make new friends and spend my spare time enjoying culture, tourism and some sport.”
Fabian Unterumsberger, REACH at Princeton, 2010

“The time scales during work are significantly less than I am used to from here. There are lots of short meetings with the boss and the steps for the next few days are discussed. Compared with my course in Bochum the group is small but very international. I am joining two Chinese ladies, two Greeks and a few Americans and am perfectly integrated – personally and scientifically. As soon as I have completed parts of my programming tasks they are immediately used by members of the group to produce results for their research. Toward the end we even decided to write a paper about my work, not a bad result for just eight weeks.”
Philipp Mertmann, REACH at Princeton, 2010