Going Abroad 3

International Teaching

Ruhr-Universität Bochum's (RUB) teaching is shaped by its vast number of international students and lecturers as well as many other students and employees with experience abroad. The university itself also participates in various international teaching projects and offers various international degree and promotional programmes which encourage the acquisition of international experience.

International Degree Programmes

There are numerous international degree programmes available at Ruhr-Universität, including interdisciplinary degree programmes taught in English, and joint degree courses to be completed partially at RUB and a partner university abroad.

Degree programmes in English

The following list provides all master's programmes taught in English:

Double and Joint Degrees

A large number of RUB's degree programmes either offer students the opportunity to spend a semester or year abroad at a partner university or gain degrees from two or more universities at the end of their studies.

Transnational educational projects

The Ruhr-Universität is involved in various transnational educational projects abroad.

International Elective Courses (Optionalbereich)

The international profile offers another opportunity to study, live and work abroad through elective modules (Optionalbereich) in a variety of ways during your Bachelor's degree programme.

Exchange programmes

Ruhr-Universität participates in a variety of exchange programmes, which on one hand enable RUB students to study abroad and on the other hand enable international students to attend RUB.
To get information about your exchange options, please visit the following pages: