Fit for Studying - Propaedeutic Programme

Each Integra-12 and Integra-24 course is complemented with a propaedeutic programme, which helps prospective students prepare for their academic aims. Different events are offered for learners of various levels of German.

The propaedeutic portion of the Integra programme consists of about 4 h/week and participation is mandatory. The various events for beginner and advanced German learners, information events, outings, lectures and preparatory and intercultural workshops take place every semester.

Ongoing Services

Guest Auditor

Integra participants and visiting students with a refugee background can participate in RUB courses seminars and lectures)in their desired subject. In this way, you have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the academic culture and teaching methodology at RUB.

You can find an overview of the courses offered at Ruhr-Universität in the
online course catalogue.

Sprachcafé for Refugees

Refugees and Bochum locals get the chance to get to know each other and practice different languages at the weekly Sprachcafé. Among others, German, Arabic, Farsi and Urdu language groups will be present. Sprachcafé promotes further language learning for refugees and provides everyone the opportunity to learn more about other languages.

The language practice meet up takes place every Wednesday – during lecture period – starting at 5 until 8 pm in Euroeck (Spechtsweg 20, 44801 Bochum).

AStA’s Refugee Buddy Programme

With the support of the Integra programme offered by the International Office, over 250 refugees are preparing themselves for future academic careers at RUB. The aim of the “Gemeinsam – Studies für Flüchtlinge” project is to ease participants into everyday life on campus and to provide support organising their future studies. Sport, music and cooking events are also on the schedule.

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Crisis Intervention

RUB‘s Centre for Psychotherapy offers psychological services for refugees who have suffered from trauma.

Integra Programme

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