US-American Evening

US-American Evening

Parades, concerts, fireworks, the American flag everywhere and endless playback of "The Star-Spangled Banner" – it is 4th of July, US Independence Day!

More than a hundred students from all over the world celebrated the 241st birthday of the USA with their American fellow students, RUBiss, AKAFÖ and ESN in Bochum.

At the beginning of the event, Prof Dr Freitag from the English Seminar gave a brief introduction to American Studies and Jun Prof Dr Steinhoff held with regard to the seminar "America's First Ladies in Political and Popular Culture" an entertaining lecture on the role of US Presidential Women.

Later Tom Frost set the right mood for the evening with his American country music and ESN Bochum opened its hot dog stand. Music, snacks and many games gave space for intercultural exchange and everybody got to know each other quickly. At the end of the event, all students came together to for a small sparkler firework.

The RUBiss team says thank you for a great evening! This was the last event of the semester programme of this semester. We look forward to presenting you many unique events and excursions again during the winter semester.

06 July 2017 ^mi
Photos: © International Office RUB, Fleischer, Ickler