This workshop aims to give you a first insight into the genre of storytelling theatre. Both students new to Germany (exchange students, visiting scholars) and students who have grown up here and who are interested in meeting people from around the world are welcome. In 'Playback Theatre' personal stories are told and then spontaneously enacted by players. “In this workshop we will both tell our stories and play other people's stories. We will play, move our bodies, raise our voices, be moved by and laugh at our stories and share a meal together.” – Rachel Thoma, workshop instructor.

Prerequisite: B2-level English or higher required. No theatre experience is required.
Optional public performance on 'Open Stage' May 14, 2019.

The event takes place in English. For RUB students only. Participation is free of charge. €1Store0 deposit, which you will get back after participation. Registration at the International Office (Waiting number “Events”).

(The meal is not included)


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