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Working alongside your Studies

In Germany it is perfectly normal for students to work alongside their studies and a lot of students have part-time jobs. You also have the chance to take up part-time work as an international student in Germany and earn some money to support yourself financially.

The International Office does not offer a job placement service. However, we have put a lot of information together to help you search for a job.
There are lots of ways of finding a part-time job:

  • Look for information and offers on the RUB notice boards
  • Search the job sections in the regional newspapers or on their internet sites
  • Search the job portals online

Ruhr-Universität Bochum also has its own online job portal with current job offers at the university and in the surrounding area.

Please note: there are certain legal regulations for international students who are wanting to work alongside their studies. Don’t forget that your main aim should be the successful completion of your degree! Therefore, please pay attention to the

Legal regulations concerning employment

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