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Homestay for international students

Would you like to experience life in a German family up close? Then use the opportunity at Experiment e.V.

The organisation Experiment e.V. liates host families for international students in Germany.
During the year you have the opportunity to spend two weeks with a German host family. Especially exchanges during Easter or Christmas holidays are popular. You will get to know German culture and every day life and you can improve your language skills.


  • When? At latest 4 weeks before the intended stay.
  • How? You fill a registration form online and add photocopies of your certificate of enrolment and your health insurance. Furthermore you need a nice picture of yours.
  • Support? The RUBiss Team of the International Office supports you regarding application and preparation of your homestay. Especially if you need assistance how to fill the online-application in German language.
  • Please refer to Rebekka Kirsch as contact person during the online-application. Experiment e.V. selects the host families and informs you when they have found a family.
  • The fee for participation is 40 Euro, expenses for travel will be reimbursed. Board and lodging are covered by the host family.

  • Important: The host families live all over Germany. Therefore your place of stay will be a surprise!

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The programme takes place all over the year. The length of stay should be between 9 and 14 days. Registration is possible at least 4 weeks before the planned stay.




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