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Student Card and Semester Ticket

During your personal enrolment you will receive your student card. This student card functions first and for most as your RUB student ID card. RUB students can show their student ID to receive price reductions in the mensa, in local museums and in various other institutions in Bochum and the surrounding area. The student card can also be used to access RUBICon, a platform which enables students to update their official contact information, renew their matriculation, print their NRW ticket and certificate of enrolment and to access CampusOffice, a course registration platform. The student card also functions as a library card allowing students to borrow books at the university library (UB) and all other institutional libraries.

Additionally, your RUB student card has the following functions:

Ticket for VRR and NRW

Your student card acts also as a public transport ticket in the VRR region:

As soon as you have paid the social contribution fee you can print your NRW ticket–with RUBICon either at one of the computer terminals on campus or online via the following link:

Both tickets are valid in all buses, metros (U-Bahn), trams, interurban trains (S-Bahn) and regional trains (RE/RB) in their individual specified regions. In the right margin, you’ll find an information sheet detailing both tickets available for download. Both tickets are valid from 1 April to 30 September for the summer semester and from 1 October to 31 March for the winter semester.

Payment function

Your student card contains a chip on which you can deposit money to pay for different services on campus.

You can use your card to pay for food and drinks in the mensa and all other cafeterias and for the washing machines and dryers in all of the AKAFÖ residence halls.

You can load money on your card in the mensa (either at the register or at the machines in the foyer), in Q-West and in the cafeterias:

You can also use your student card to pay at the printers and copiers in the library and in the Printing Centre (Druckzentrum, SSC 01/219).

To use this function, you can put money on your card at the Printing Centre:

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Good to know

You lost your student card? Inquire at the lost and found at the Infopoint (UV) or visit the registrar's office at SSC 0/229 to get a new one.



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