Industrial Heritage Trail

The "Industrial Heritage Trail" links the individual areas in the Ruhr region together. A 400km route guides you through the region and features themed trails and cycle paths.

Culture and recreation in Bochum

Bochum is home to more than 40 stages, including the famous "Bochumer Schaupielhaus" (Bochum's theatre), the Bochum Symphony Orchestra and a host of small venues, leaving you spoilt for choice for an evening's entertainment. The impressive German Mining Museum, the Zeiss Planetarium and numerous smaller museums and galleries also host a variety of interesting exhibitions and events, and there are more than 60 pubs, bars and restaurants to choose from on the longest entertainment strip in the Ruhr area, known as the "Bermuda3Eck" (Bermuda Triangle).

Art and Museums in Bochum

Relics of Bochum's industrial past are on display in various industrial heritage museums, and there is also a wide selection of art to be seen. The “Kunstmuseum Bochum” (Museum of Art) focuses on contemporary art in both ongoing and temporary exhibitions.

Outdoor leisure

Former industrial districts have been transformed into recreational areas. You can visit Bochum’s park and numerous green areas with lakes, meadows and woods. You will not believe how green Bochum actually is! You can jog till your heart’s content, rollerblade or simply relax in the sunshine in the recreational areas which are located throughout the city.

Guide for International Researchers, chapter 4: Bochum and the Ruhr Area   Concerning Bochum and "the Ruhr". Read more here (page 60) (792.7 kB)

Partly translated by: Dr. Lynda Lich-Knight, ResearchComm Ltd.