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Long term accommodation

If you are coming to Bochum for a longer stay, you should start searching for a flat in plenty of time.
We have put together several links and information for you here to help you look for a flat.

Length of your stay?

If you are coming to Bochum for a certain period of time, e.g. a semester, you can look for a furnished flat that is available to sublet. If you would like to stay in Bochum for longer, you may want a tenancy agreement for an indefinite period of time which you can terminate with three months’ notice.

Furnished or unfurnished?

In Germany it is very common to rent out unfurnished flats. Some housing portals give you the possibility to search for furnished flats. If it is not explicitly stated that a flat is furnished, it is not furnished (no furniture and no kitchen furniture).

Flat or room in a shared flat?

Do you require a flat for you and your family or are you coming alone and would like to share a flat with others? If the latter is the case, you can also look for rooms in shared flats. It is mostly students who share these flats and they often search for roommates on the internet.

Additional costs

In the flat advertisements the price for the rent does not usually include heating. You will have additional costs to pay (water, heating, electricity, telephone/internet access and television and radio).

Searching for a flat with the help of an estate agent

The search for flats via the stated websites is free of charge. It may be the case that single flats found via the portals are being offered by an estate agent.
You can appoint an estate agent to search for a flat for you. You can find estate agents in a trade directory or via search engines by searching for “Immobilienmakler”.
Estate agents receive commission when a tenancy agreement is drawn up.

By the way: If you have not found a suitable flat in Bochum, it is worth having a look in the neighbouring towns and cities such as Herne, Witten, Hattingen, Essen or Dortmund. Due to the good transport system in the Ruhr Area, it is easy to commute.


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Flat-hunting offline

You can find a lot of flat advertisements in the various newspapers. Some examples are the "Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung" – WAZ or the "Stadtspiegel Bochum" (The "Stadtspiegel" is not available to buy. It is published on Wednesdays and Saturdays and gets delivered to houses and public places such as shops and cafés).

It may also be worth looking at the notice boards in the canteen or in other buildings at RUB. Some students put up notices when they are looking for flatmates or when they want to sublet their rooms or flats

RUB Service

Houses and flats


Accommodation online

Houses and flats

Rooms in shared flats